Camping Bella Vista

Food and drink

The Italian cuisine is well known for its pizzas and pasta dishes. However, the Italian cuisine has much more to offer.

The Ligurian cuisine is mainly based on local products. In the past fish was one of the main course but more and more the fishing is being threatened. At the coast you can still eat delicious fish courses. In the hinterland meat if being more used like rabbit and wild boar. The many vegetable gardens , olive groves and herb gardens supply various products that are used in the Ligurian cuisine.


Typical Ligurian Pesto sauce , consisting of fresh chopped basil , garlic , parmesan , pecorino cheese , olive oil and crushed pine nuts. In the summer there are many basil fields around the campsite especially used for the pesto Genovese .


When you choose to eat in the mountains, there is often a set menu . For a certain amount, usually around € 30,- including wine and water, they serve some antipasti, small typical Italian entrees. The second course is the primo piatto, one or two kinds of pasta. Then follows the secondo piatto , one or two kinds of meat with vegetables and potatoes/fries or polenta. At the end is of course the dolce. A delicious dessert such as tiramisu or panna cotta .

The breakfast in Italy is quite simple and consists of an espresso or a cappuccino with an Italian croissant, a brioche. This one is sweeter as the butter croissant which we are accustomed out of France.

Lunch is generally served between 12:30 and 14:30, dinner from 19:00 to about 22 hours. Italians take the time to enjoy their food and usually consume at least two courses. A complete menu includes an appetizer (antipasti), a first course (primo piatto), main course (secondo piatto) and dessert (dolce). They finish with a caffe and a digestif. The Italians don’t drink a cappuccino after dinner, that is like a breakfast after your main meal.

Italians have different types of coffee.
Caffè: An espresso.
Caffè stretto: An espresso even smaller and stronger.
Caffè lungo: A bigger espresso and less strong
Caffè macchiato: A stained espresso. (With milk).
Caffè corretto: An espresso with alcohol (Grappa, Brandy).
Latte macchiato: A milk coffee.