Camping Bella Vista

The Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera stretches from Ventimiglia near the French border to Viareggio near Pisa. The Ligurian province is very mountainous. Of the total area, 69% is higher then a 1000 meter above the sea level. A mere 3% of the province is flat.


The Ligurian Alps lie in the western part of Liguria, more to the east the mountains become part of the Appenine. The highest mountain in the area lies in the Ligurian Alps and is called Monte Saccarello just over the border from France. It’s height is 2200 meters above sea level. Liguria is also one of the greenest provinces of Italy. On the steep mountains you can find dense woods, where possible terraces are cultivated, which is very characteristic for this region. The Ligurian coast is 250 kilometers long.

The Riviéra is divided in four parts. The part from Ventimiglia to Albenga is called Riviéra dei Fiori (flower-riviéra). This part is known for its cultivation of flowers, vegetables and olive plantations. The other parts (from west to east) are called, Riviéra di Ponente (West), Riviéra di Levante (East) and Riviéra della Versilia.

Liguria is an Italian region with four provinces; Genova, Imperia, La Spezia and Savona. Camping Bella Vista is located in Albenga, one of the oldest and most important cities of the province of Savona.

Because of the difference in height the Ligurian vegetation is mixed. On the coastline you will find palm trees and other types of subtropical vegetation. All types of flowers like Geraniums, Roses and Orchids grow along the coast. The lower parts of the mountains have a variety of vegetation consisting of Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme and Broom. Especially spring is a very beautiful season to visit the Ligurian coast.

There are a number of nature areas around our camp site; Cinque Terre, the Portofino peninsula, Monte Beigua and a park around Finale Ligure.
Liguria covers an area of 330 km2 and has 1.760.000 inhabitants. About half the population lives in one of the four provincial capitals: Genua, La Spezia, Imperia and Savona. The remainder lives predominantly on the coastline, the hinterland is thinly populated.

The Roman Catholic faith is very important to the Italians. You will notice this by the many churches and Maria-veneration’s in the surroundings of Albenga. Churches are open all day, except lunchtime. Masses are held frequently.
The Riviéra has an enjoyable climate all year round. The winters are mild, the temperature in January seldom falls below 10 Celsius but occasionally you may see some snow on the top of the mountains. Flowers and trees already start to bloom and grow in February. Expect some rainy days in March. The flowering time starts in early May. The summers are sunny but not extremely so, the average daily temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius.