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Monte Béigua

Parco Naturale Regionale del Béigua 


In the hinterland of Savona you find the regional park of Monte Beigua. In a territory rich in contrasts like Liguria, set between the mountains and the sea, Beigua Park – the largest regional park in Liguria – well represents the features of the region, where it is possible to find very different environments and landscapes not far one from the other: a spectacular balcony formed by mountains facing the sea, where nature, history, culture, and ancient traditions are elements of extraordinary value and interest.  The park has a lot of hiking trails and possibilities for mountain bikers. There are different kind of trails in and around the park were you can enjoy the quietness and the special nature.


Monte Béigua is a nature area that is surrounded by the towns of Pontinvrea, Sassello and Varazze. The nature area has been named after the highest mountain of the park, the ‘Monte Béigua’. The top of this mountain lies 1287 meters above sea level. Others mountains in the area are Monte Grosso (1265 m), Monte Ermetta (1267 m) and Bric Veciri (1263 m).


In the park you can always enjoy the different seasons.  During the spring you can enjoy the beautiful flowerd and all the fresh green leaves and blossoming plants, during the summer it is dry and almost dessert like. You can cool down in all the different streams. In the fall you can be surprised about the beautiful rich autumn colors from deep red to all different kind of orange and brown. During the winter the  you can feel the crispy fresh snow underneath your feeth and breath in the cold winter air.