Camping Bella Vista

Frequently Asked Questions

No you will not hear the motorway at the campside. Only when the wind is fromout the wrong direction you will hear once and a while, when its quiet a motorcycle or truck.

The campsite was founded in 1961. The greenhouses are built around it over the years.

It is easy to walk or cycle to Ceriale. You cycle or walk on the road while they are not used to special walk- or cyclepaths. It is very normal here to cycle or walk on the raod so you don’t have to be afraid. It is about 20 minutes walk or 10 minutes cycling to Ceriale.

Yes there’s wifi on the campsite.

Nu the showers and the swimmingpool are free to use.

Yes, you have to bring your own sheets and towels.

No, you don’t need a special coin for the washing machine. It takes from €0,50 cents till €2,00 euro coins. The dryer only takes €1,00 euro coins.

Ceriale has a sandy beach with  pebbles.

Albenga has sandy and pebble beaches.

Alassio and Laigueglia have sandy beaches.

Between Albenga and Alassio there are rocks.

Yes dogs are allowed but have to be on the leash.

We have no restaurant but it is possible to order french fries, chicken and sate before 13.00 and can be picked up round 19.00.

It is also possible to order pizza before 17.30. They will be delivered around 18.45.

We have a small menu you are welcome between 17.00 and 20.00.

We separate the following.

Blue; Glass and Cans.

Yellow; Paper, please fold boxen before you throw them away.

White; Plastic and please press bottles together before disposal.

Green; Other garbage.


The arrival time for an accomodation is from 16.00, the departure time is maximum 10.00.

The departure time for a pitch is 12.00.

About a kilometer from the campsite are three supermarkets, a Lidl, a IN’s and Famila. The Famila is a more luxurious supermarket. Towards the highway in Albenga you’ll find a Coop Centro Commerciale.

Monday: Ceriale, Savona, Andora, Finalborgo;

Tuesday: Borghetto S. Spirito, Spotorno, Borgio Verezzi;

Wednesday: Albenga (17.00), Varigotti, Vado Ligure;

Thursday: Finale Ligure, Noli;

Friday: Loano, Celle Ligure, Laigueglia, Ventimiglia (17.00);

Saturday: Alassio, Pietra Ligure, Varazze.

In the summer there is a shuttlebus.

The frequency depends on season and/if there are excursions planned that day.

No you don’t need a swimmingcap.